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Elder’s Swim School endeavours to develop a high teaching standard of water safety, learn to swim and squad program. We help children to develop a lifelong love of swimming.

Our award winning swim program at Elder’s focuses on becoming Aquatic Safe and Stroke Technique. As your child progresses between levels, class times shall not be changed unless requested. Swimmers are challenged to the next level and skills are increased within the class. This progression model allows children to stay in the same class, time and day without the hassle of swapping and changes for families.

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Age:4 months - 3 years old

Duration:30 minutes

Class size:Maximum of 7 pupil with one instructor.
Each pupil must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

This class is a special time when Mum and or Dad with assistance from the teacher begin to enjoy the water. Through games, song and routines the classes encourage children’s water confidence, breath control, mobility in the water to be comfortable submerging, back floating and parent education on safety survival techniques to practise.

Level 1

Age:3 years +

Duration:30 minutes

Class size: Maximum 4 students

This is a beginners class. We teach your child to submerge happily, blow bubbles, kick and float on front and back. We also teach basic aquatic survival skills and aquatic safety education.

Level 2

Duration:30 minutes

Class size: Maximum 4 students

The main goal for swimmers is to dog paddle unaided (safety stroke) for 5 metres with face in the water except when recovering to breath. They also learn to float on back, basic aquatic survival skills. These skills include basic breaststroke arms and fly wriggles. Once these skills are mastered they progress to the next level. Children stay in the same class but skills are increased.

Level 3

Duration:30 minutes

Class size: Maximum 4 students

Primarily aimed at children who are comfortable in the water but with limited experience. Main goals are to swim 5 metres overarm (no breathing) and kick on front & back streamlined and unaided. Streamlined floating is emphasized in the class and basic aquatic survival skills which include basic breaststroke arms and fly wriggles. Basic dives introduced.

Level 3B

Duration:30 minutes

Class size: Maximum 4 students

This class concentrates on teaching freestyle with breathing and backstroke. We are now working on arm and leg co-ordination, basic breathing to side and more survival aquatic skills. Swimmers must be able to swim at least 15m of freestyle and backstroke with good technique to advance. Breaststroke and butterfly sub-skills emphasised and dives.

Level 4

Duration:30 minutes

Class size: Maximum 5 students

Greater emphasis on freestyle with bent elbows, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly technique and timing is developed. Swimmers must be able to complete 20 metres before advancing to Kingfish. More aquatic survival skills.

Level 5

Duration:30 minutes

Class size: Maximum 7 students

Transitional stroke development class held in a squad format. This class is a stepping stone to squad. Significant emphasis is placed on stroke technique and distance capabilities. All 4 strokes and dives are refined, swimmers assessed then squad. Kingfish swimmers require flippers.


Junior Squad

Development Squad

State and National Development Squad

Age:Entry is based off the child's ability

Duration:45 mins – 2 hours +

Timetable: Monday – Friday mornings and afternoons
Saturday mornings

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